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March 2021

Behold the Majesty
Mar 12, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

Behold the majesty of soaring high ceilings and spectacular panoramic mountain views when you step inside this contemporary residence...

Weekly Market Snapshot
Mar 8, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

March is off to a strong start! Last week was a big week for closings - over 15 homes sold, 6 of which were over $5M and 3 off market...

Weekly Market Snapshot
Mar 15, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

Closed sales and new listings were down last week, but that does not mean the week was less than thrilling. Three of the closed sales...

Only Time Will Tell...
Mar 16, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

Only time will tell if real estate is in a bubble that is escalating toward popping. In my 26 years I have never seen a market like this...

Our Success is Your Success
Mar 19, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

Congratulations to all 50,000+ BHHS agents nationwide on a remarkable 2020. I am honored to be recognized as the #3 Agent nationwide.

Weekly Market Snapshot
Mar 22, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

The first quarter of 2021 is nearly over and approximately 81 homes have sold in Montecito thus far. Rewind to last year, there were only...

Spotlight Architecture - Thomas Bollay
Mar 25, 2021
Nancy Kogevinas

Architect Thomas Bollay, known for his innovative designs based on historical references and meticulous restoration of landmark...

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Oct 17, 2021
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Q3 2021 - Montecito Market Newsletter
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