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A Masterful Renovation Sold

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

New Montecito Sale: 210 Miramar Avenue

Romance, emotion and high style defined this masterful renovation! After scooping up this vintage property last year for $3.6M,  Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi worked their design magic along with Kyle Irwin from Field and Fort and have very quickly sold this Montecito gem for $6.75M after only a few days on the market.


210 Miramar Avenue was originally on the market in 2017-2018 for $7,750,000, but it did not sell. It was then put back on in April 2019. Its last list price was $4,200,000 before selling for $3,607,413 in January 2020. Four months later, after a striking flip, it was listed for $6,900,000 and quickly sold for $6,750,000.


• Listed for $6,900,000

• Sold for $6,750,000

• 2 Bed/ 4 Bath

• Built in 1986

• 5,500 Square Feet

• 1.35 Acres

Nestled in the Hedgerows lies The Porter House: a newly renovated residence that is rich in history, style, and creature comforts. What began as two English barns in the 1700s has evolved into a hip getaway filled with unexpected delights, architectural pedigree, and lush gardens. Wise and wavy woodwork lends a sense of wit and whimsy throughout the house. As the light evolves throughout the day, different areas of the residence come alive. Enjoy morning lattes in the solarium. Host an epic cocktail party in the lounge. Enjoy a nightcap off of the master terrace. Magical outdoor spaces are framed by stone walls and fragrant blooms to create memorable moments at every turn. Here's your chance to be one of the fabled few to claim this sophisticated fairytale property.

For more information about this property and other inside news,

click here to contact me.

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