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Carpinteria Connection

INSPIRED BY THE SUN-DRENCHED SHORES OF CARPINTERIA — The Palms, 701 Linden Avenue, is a nostalgic landmark restaurant and mixed use building. The layout inspires an ideal opportunity for a restaurant, boutique hotel or vacation rental.

On the first floor, the restaurant is firmly focused on a fun atmosphere, which over the years has featured live music and dancing on the weekends and a gathering spot for the community, with an “old-school” take on farm-to-table dining.


A piece of admired Carpinteria history - this iconic restaurant was established in 1912 and has maintained its prominent reputation over the years.

Enjoying the ultimate location on Linden Avenue in downtown Carpinteria, this restaurant welcomed a vibrant personality with live music, a personable staff and a comfortable ambiance.

The Palms restaurant has been in operation since 1959 - with a storied history, this family-run business was the oldest and most successful restaurant/ bar in Carpinteria for decades.

Complementing the dining room was a complete bar and cocktail lounge with live music Thursday through Saturday night - a favorite spot for locals to enjoy a drink and a dance.


The heart and soul of The Palms is quality time, good conversation, and delicious food - a direct reflection of the vibrant and welcoming community of Carpinteria.

Charming authenticity, and comprised of approximately 20,000 residents, this relaxed town exudes cheerful, story-book charm.

One of the last remaining small beach towns in America, Carpinteria is known for its white sand beaches, world-class farming, eclectic downtown scene and a quiet peaceful attitude.


Offering the ultimate gathering place for locals and a sought-after destination for tourists - Carpinteria and The Palms are welcoming, authentic and embody the true California spirit.

A CARPINTERIA LEGACY - ready to embrace a new chapter with open arms.


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