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Feel Like Test Driving Montecito?

There are so many great ways to explore and visit our community without leaving home.  And, if you want a personal tour with commentary, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to share a Zoom screen with you, or just an old-fashioned phone call to talk about the market and our community.

Here are some great resources we all use to explore our neighborhood:

1. Take a walk with Google Maps to explore the community streets virtually.

2. Browse websites with neighborhood data like City-Data or AreaVibes.

  • City-Data provides detailed city profiles about everything from the cost of living to weather, average home prices to useful insight from community locals.

  • Plug in your ZIP code at AreaVibes to get a livability score and help narrow down the best places to live.

3. Check out neighborhood publications like The Montecito Journal or The Voice to see the latest local issues and what is happening around town.

Still coming up short?

Shoot me an email or text and I would be happy to talk about all things Montecito with you!