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How's the Market?

Let’s Communicate!

Remember when we all had multiple phones in every room and several different phone lines, a fax line, a line for the gate….those days are long gone.

Although talking on the phone has been around for 147 years, the iPhone is only 16 years old and now FaceTime video voice mails has just launched - not surprisingly, how we communicate on the phone has changed drastically alongside advances in technology. I recently came across some tips from an etiquette expert on the most polite ways to communicate in 2023:

  • Text before calling - calling someone without warning has become outdated (unless it’s your mom). Today we are encouraged to text ahead of time to ask if the person is free to talk now.

  • You don’t need to answer the phone - just because someone is calling you out of the blue does not mean you have to pick up, especially if you are talking with someone else.

  • Don’t leave a voice mail - missed calls have become the “signal” to check your texts or emails, no one under the age of 30 even leaves a voicemail anymore, if no one picks up they text or email.

  • Stay still for video calls - if you want to wander around and do chores while talking, switch to a voice call.

  • Don’t stop talking on the phone - it’s still a wonderful way to communicate.

Now for this week's real estate update!

The first week of October was steady in Montecito with 4 New Listings, 6 Closed Sales and 1 new Pending Sale. The sale that caught our eye was 550 Freehaven Drive, which closed for $20,350,000 last week after being on the market for 136 days. This is the second highest sale we have seen in Montecito this year, following the off market sale of 319 San Ysidro Road ($22,5M) in June.

What Happened in Montecito Last Week?

October 1st - October 7th

Rosewood Miramar Plans to E X P A N D...

Being the only truly oceanfront resort in Montecito, when you arrive at the Rosewood Miramar it feels like a moment of calm washing over you. Away from the traffic, the city and the rush of daily life, the resort encompasses oceanfront living to give you a luxurious yet home-away-from-home feel.

So when we heard that they plan to add more to the resort we got VERY excited! Read below for the details.


  • 12 new resort shops

  • Cafe

  • 15 market-rate long apartments available for long term rent

  • Employee housing

  • Parking

Nothing is finalized just yet, but stay tuned for more updates we will keep you posted.

That sums it up for last week!


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