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How's the Market?

Is there a cost to waiting to buy or sell?  

Of course there is a personal cost - the next chapter does not begin until you turn the page!  But what is the financial cost? Trying to “time” the market is more luck than science in my experience. Sometimes the best strategy is to look square in the face of the market we are in and make the best decision for you. The number of homes for sale is not going to increase anytime soon and interest rates will remain at these new levels for the foreseeable future. That will keep prices more or less where they are if not slightly higher (or lower) for a few outlier properties.

Real estate is a long game where appreciation is well documented and the personal, lifestyle benefits are immeasurable!

Last week in Montecito there were 6 New Listings, 2 Closed Sales, and 3 Pending Sales. One of our favorite new listings that returned to the market was 1564 Ramona Lane, a storybook cottage on nearly 1 acre in Montecito's Hedgerow neighborhood - listed for $9.5M. 

The Hedgerows are characterized by the towering hedges that separate the properties, offering a lifestyle of privacy and romance in lower Montecito. Additionally, the Hedgerows are known for:

  • Historic and architecturally significance homes and gardens.

  • Close in, “walkable” streets and the location is between Montecito’s Lower and Upper Village and only minutes away from world-class resorts, beaches and restaurants.

  • Access to top elementary schools, including Montecito Union School, Laguna Blanca School, and Crane Country Day School

  • Abundant recreation, sports, and leisure; the Montecito YMCA, Manning Park, the Ennisbrook trail, Miramar Beach, and Hammonds Beach are all within a stone’s throw

If you want to know more about the Hedgerows or other hidden gems, we’ve got the scoop.

What Happened in Montecito Last Week?

December 3rd - December 9th


One of the latest articles in Siteline outlined many of the big and exciting changes coming to our sleepy little town. From the Lower Village to Upper Village, Coral Casino to the long awaited re-opening of the Four Seasons - many changes lie ahead. Read the full aricle HERE.

That sums it up for last week!

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