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More Positive Local News

Reliable and local water in Montecito, plus a State Street resurgence - positive news as we start to look to the future.

The “Montecito Water District has plans for delivering a secure water future.” The agency announced that effective July 1, it is entering into a long-term water sharing agreement with Santa Barbara to purchase a portion of the city’s desalination water.

To read the full article about the Montecito Water District and their future plans, please reference this week’s issue of the Montecito Journal, beginning on page 16.

We are trying something new! Public opinion has favored closing off part of State Street to traffic and having it open to pedestrians while following social distancing guidelines. The hope is to make the city vibrant again with dining, shopping, and socializing, but still maintaining safety protocols. This past weekend was its first weekend and it seemed to be a hit.

Refer to page 14 to read about State Street and its come back!

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