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Spotlight Designer - Rosie Feinberg

Impeccable interior home design is essential for luxury real estate. SFA Design is a leader in the international design world, lending its tastes to the most premier resorts, hotels and private residences.

Directed by industry leaders Sue Firestone and Kara Smith, SFA Design demonstrates fundamental values of incredible vision and meticulous execution to create sophisticated interiors for elite clientele, including top hotel brands and “A-Lister’s” of entertainment, sports and Fortune 500 businesses.

Spotlight Designer


Rosie Feinberg has more than 25 years of interior design experience working on projects for luxury hotel and resort brands and elite, private residential clients around the world. With an interested and innovative eye, Rosie captures the imagination and vision of her clients by helping them realize their distinct artistic vision. Rosie's impressive portfolio of work features top hospitality brands such as KSL Resorts, The Waldorf-Astoria Collection, Starwood Luxury Collection and GE Investments. Her impeccable knowledge of design, seamless client communication and unmatched creativity has earned Rosie many accolades and media attention for her broad range of work.


SFA Design's work does not go unnoticed, click below to view publications they have been featured in.


To learn more about Rosie, SFA Design and their work, click here to view their website.

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