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Wellness to Shift From a Few Habits to a Lifestyle for Affluent Home Buyers

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Berkshire Hathaway Luxury Landscape 2020 Report addresses a new trend towards wellness and a healthy lifestyle, and how this will affect the affluent buyer's new home search moving forward.

While almost all affluent consumers practice some form of wellness every day, they are realizing that habit isn’t enough. A weekly yoga class? A daily organic dinner? While each practice retains its value and appeal - nearly every person in this market engages in at least one daily act of wellness - wealthy home buyers will seize upon habitat as a way to foster even greater healthfulness.

The Miami-based Global Wellness Institute has projected the wellness real estate market worldwide will expand 8% annually through 2022 to reach $197 Billion. People are seeking to build and thrive in spaces that, moment by moment, improve their well-being.

What are affluent buyers looking for in a home?

Many of the emerging elements sought by high-end homeowners mimic or even improve on Mother Nature. Circadian lighting systems use LED build to aid residents’ internal clocks, shifting to a bluish light during the daytime and to a yellow light during the evening to encourage the release of melatonin at the appropriate time.

In urban environments, airtight homes dramatically reduce energy use while filtering out air pollutants and make one’s home mercifully quiet even in a bustling metropolis. And while water purity continues to grow in appeal, its next iteration will be showers with infusions, such as Vitamin C to supposedly help hair and skin. Other alternative-medicine amenities are being built into the very floors and walls of buildings. The former can respond to the reflexology of a foot and the latter can emit aromatherapy by way of remote control. Meanwhile, some standard home amenities will be re-contextualized. Views of, and proximity to, nature will be balanced with desires for

community. Swimming pools now use saline and limit chemicals and eye irritation.

"The Global Wellness Institute reports that midrange to affluent homeowners will be a 10-25% premium for homes equipped with such wellness perks, as the market evolves to meet consumer demands."

Where can you find this in Santa Barbara?

Below are just a few examples of the many stunning properties in Montecito and Santa Barbara that are equipped with "Wellness Amenities" to promote a healthy lifestyle.

1379 Oak Creek Canyon Road, Montecito

Inspiring ocean and mountains views envelop you with a powerful energy. A timeless Santa Barbara classic, this thoughtfully crafted estate, designed by acclaimed architect, Marc Appleton, was virtually painted onto a surreal sky-mountain-ocean landscape with white stucco walls, stone facade, cobblestone driveway and intimate guest house all colorfully framed by a lush 6+ acre landscape of mature oaks, native plants a a sparkling pool and spa.

Wellness Perks:

  • Large Zero-Edge Pool for aqua-aerobic exercises and an in-ground spa for stress relief

  • Long meandering garden paths for daily strolls around the property

  • Numerous shaded terraces for yoga or meditation

  • Private exercise room with direct exterior access for fresh air


296 Las Entradas Drive, Montecito

Drawing inspiration from around the globe, this architectural and spiritual estate is a luxurious display of international influences and has a storied history. Villa de la Vista was once a part of the San Leandro Ranch and owned by the famed Gould family. An extensive renovation in 2012 was undertaken & thru the architectural ingenuity of Thomas Bollay, this prominent residence was brought back to life.

Wellness Perks:

  • Inspiring meditation/yoga room looking out over the community from a windowed perch

  • Numerous private walking paths and thoughtful garden spaces throughout the property, including a mature oak grove, rose gardens and serene ponds/water features

  • Natural Energy Balance - the owners commissioned Eva Wong, a Master of Feng Shui, to thoroughly diagnose and treat the home. Several of the rooms have particularly auspicious placement, and an exceptional natural light illuminates every room and graces its inhabitants with a beautiful glow.

  • Private gym and sauna


7475 Shepard Mesa Road, Carpinteria

Mountain and hillside vistas greet you from this single level home where morning sunshine bathes the property in a happy glow as sunlight dances over the vegetable gardens, bocce court, lawns and fruit trees that dot the landscape.

Wellness Perks:

  • Private art studio to inspire the creative mind

  • Inspiring gardens for the organic home chef

  • Expansive mountain views and endless privacy, providing a quiet space for reflection or meditation


4305 Marina Drive, Hope Ranch

A magnificent 3.7-acre bluff top estate with 204' of ocean frontage and private beach access is the awe-inspiring setting for this striking contemporary compound overflowing with visual and sensory appeal at every turn. The property is complete w/a spacious pool and spa, N/S tennis court, 2-sided guest unit (with 3 bedroom suites), home theater, 3 in-wall saltwater aquariums, rose gardens, and so much more.

Wellness Perks:

  • Private Tennis Court

  • Raised vegetable beds for home gardening

  • Private home gym

  • Rooftop spa for relaxing under the night sky


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