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The Ultimate Montecito Destination

Newly Priced at $26,500,000 The Mediterranean island of Mallorca and the charm of early 1920’s architecture served as inspiration and the resulting product is a work of art, punctuated by architectural intricacies at every turn; from Moorish arches to carved sculptures and colorful accents bringing animation to each space. The grounds are graced with courtyards, patios, water features, a rose garden, paths and thoughtful garden spaces. A state of the art home theatre, wine cellar, bar, recording room, private gym and sauna, Villa de la Vista offers extraordinary opulence. This estate is complete with a tennis court, one bedroom guest house and office building along with a separate manager’s office and bonus recreation room. Villa de la Vista offers unprecedented luxury, design and sophistication in one of the most desirable communities in the world. The residence was designed by the highly acclaimed architect, Thomas Bollay, known for his innovative designs based on historical references and meticulous restoration of landmark buildings.

Committed to quality design and preserving the essence of early twentieth-century revival architecture - much of Bollay’s success is attributed to his close study of revivalist buildings and their original sketches and drawings, as well as through his European travels. Practicing traditional architecture for over three decades in Santa Barbara, Bollay has revived many significant local buildings such as the 1927 Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara, and the Music Academy of the West “Mira Flores” main house, Montecito.

Even with over 37 years of architecture experience, 296 Las Entradas Drive is one of Bollay's favorite projects. His affection for the estate exceeds the architectural design, he says it is simply "the way it compliments the site, the way it complements the views, the way the house live is just wonderful, it is just delightful."

The Ultimate Montecito Destination
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