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Two Montecito Milestones

Cold Spring Elementary is #1 According to Cold Spring Elementary School ranks as #1 school district for the second year in a row. This Montecito School District has ranked among the top five school districts out of 1,098 in California. Showing they are the highest performing school district in the State of California.  The Parra Grande / Montecito Creek bridge will OPEN THIS Friday by 1 PM. 
This is very welcoming news for us all, as this bridge along highway 192 officially opens for traffic. Both lanes of the new Montecito Creek Bridge, which is on Highway 192/East Valley Road, will open around 1 p.m., Caltrans spokesman Jim Shivers said.
After nearly nearly 2 years, Montecito has much to celebrate and be grateful for leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.  The community is stronger than ever, with top schools, world class resorts, shopping, recreation and a vibrant and committed spirit throughout the many residents and neighborhoods.

Two Montecito Milestones
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