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7200 Casitas Pass Road | Carpinteria

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Romantic Countryside Estate
Cherimoya Orchard • Vineyard • Wine Grotto
Residence: 14.7 Acres • 4 Bed/3.5 Bath • 3,926 +/- Sq. Ft.
(Source: Measured)

Guest House: 2 Bed/1 Bath • 3 Car Garage + Caretaker's Apartment 
Built 1950 • Greatly Restored, Expanded & Upgraded • 360 Degree Views 

Offered at $14,500,000

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Primoya Estates is a romantic countryside property of unrivaled splendor, rejuvenation and beauty. Immerse yourself in over 14.7 secluded acres and pause from life's everyday demands under starlit night skies, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and vast swaths of rolling hillsides and breathtaking mountain views.

A rural coastal experience with a cosmopolitan flair, this distinctive, special property is youthful, easygoing, elegant and versatile.  

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Prominently sited and conveniently positioned in the coastal community of Carpinteria, Primoya Estates presents an opportunity for an elegant home perched on an income producing agricultural property.

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Providing a rejuvenating and adventurous way of life, this vibrant, modern Carpinteria compound has been restored and expanded while retaining its rich history.

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A long, romantic driveway guides you to the highest point on the property and the Italian inspired,

4 bedroom main residence.

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Across the lawn and past the resort style pool and spa, the newly constructed 2 bedroom guest house takes its cue from the main residence and is complemented by a nearby 3 car garage, caretaker’s apartment and wine grotto. 

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A peaceful escape and rarefied beauty accented by world-class architecture, a stunning landscape design, unparalleled privacy and a fruitful agricultural setting.


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Designed by AIA Vadim Hsu and built in 2014, the two bedroom guest residence has floor-to-ceiling glass accordion doors with majestic orchard and ocean views.

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Reconnect, relax, and rejoice in unbridled luxury -
Primoya Estates is the ultimate destination. 


Approximately 1,600 fully mature Cherimoya trees • Avocado trees  
Vineyard with approximately 500 vines.

Primoya's south, ocean facing hillsides create the ideal location for the Cherimoya to thrive. A mature Cherimoya tree is briefly deciduous and will reach approximately 18 feet high. The fruit is a tropical explosion that is deliciously unique. The heart shaped fruit can be described as a cross between a pineapple, banana and pear. Best ripened at room temperature, but be careful the Cherimoya can easily become over-ripe similar to an avocado. The perfect ripeness yields to gentle pressure. Simply cut lengthwise and enjoy your delectable fruit. 

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500 +/- Vines • Pinot Noir & Chardonnay • Professionally Managed by Bruce Kohler
 Yielding 400-600 +/- Bottles of Wine Annually

Newly Constructed in 2014 • 755 +/- Sq. Ft.
1,500 Wine Bottle Capacity • Dining Space and Powder Room

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Still a working pesticide-free farm, the Primoya vineyard yields approximately 400-600 bottles of wine each year. While there is a small on-property wine making facility, the current owners have the grapes transported to a local crush facility where UC Davis trained Shaun Fraun creates their preferred wine style.

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Dame Judith Anderson, one of the "First Ladies of American Theatre" (her portrait hangs in the Lobero Theatre), purchased Rancho Verde in 1949. At the time it was a full 48 acres. Anderson cut a road to the highest point on the estate (approximately 900' above sea level) and built her dream Palladian-style villa. Sketches of the estate can be found in the UCSB's Special Archive and have been featured in Montecito Magazine. Ms. Anderson, who died in 1992, was most proud of two things: Rancho Verde and the Judith Anderson Theatre on 42nd street which remains her theatrical legacy. Following Ms. Anderson's time at Rancho Verde, it became home to author Harvey Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler is best known for his novel Fail-Safe which later became a movie starring Henry Fonda.

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Lot size 

14.7  Acres


Year Built 

Main House: 1950

Restored, Expanded & Upgraded



Main Residence: 4 bed / 3.5 baths  

Guest House: 2 beds / 1 bath

Caretaker’s Apartment: 1 bed / 1 bath

Wine Grotto: 1 bath


Square Footage

Main House: 3,926 +/- Sq. Ft. (Source: Mark Armstrong)

Guest House: 993 +/- Sq. Ft.

Caretaker’s Apartment: 478 +/- Sq. Ft.

Wine Room (next to apartment): 222 +/-Sq. Ft.

Wine Grotto:  755 +/- Sq. Ft.

Garage: 997 +/- Sq. Ft.



A1A Vadim Hsu (Guest House/Garage)

Bruce Shindelus (Dining Room Remodel)


School District

Canalino Elementary School

Carpinteria Junior High School

Carpinteria Senior High School









Center Terracotta Tile + Two Flat Roofs











3-Car Steel Constructed Garage with

Significant Attic Storage

Large Motor Court




Gas Forced Air Heating (2 Zones)




Carpinteria Water District

2-Inch Agricultural Meter 

Water Softening and Filtration System




3 Systems in Place: Main House, 

Guest House and Garage Apartment



Green Efficiency 

Solar panels for pool heating

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