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kb :P BeepBeep called the ops in #ubuntu () BeepBeep, please dont do that sorry :( I will now BeepBeep: we're still discussing your issue. This is not the place for entertainment jrib: sorry, this is an Ubuntu support channel. I will follow the guidelines. I thought it was 'lame' tho and that #ubuntu-offtopic was more appropriate for it. BeepBeep: we discuss your issues and you can ask questions of us to get help. If you want to talk about "lame" then go to the appropriate channel. BeepBeep: also see the topic, you are not supposed to be ontopic here !topic Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic ;) BeepBeep: what you want to do (i.e. feed off our anger) is inappropriate jrib: I am not a troll. I have a legitimate question. jrib: I would like an answer. lol @ feed of anger BeepBeep: you are being very disruptive. Ask your question, stop trolling and leave. BeepBeep, do you have an Ubuntu support question bazhang: I am. BeepBeep, then ask it. BeepBeep, its not clear to me what your problem is, but the people complaining about the #ubuntu-offtopic channel, and this whole discussion in here are making it more difficult to actually answer your question escott: that's not my problem. I have the option of going to #ubuntu-offtopic. I want to know the difference between the ubuntu-live and ubuntu-alternate boot CDs. I'm not a troll. BeepBeep, and i don't think




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Hirens Boot Cd 10.1 Iso Free Download 56

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