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Romantic Montecito Hacienda • 4,220  +/-  Sq. Ft. (Source: Public Records)  • 0.60 Acres

Price Upon Request

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The ultimate 'reveal'-a magnificent motor court is just the beginning!

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Step through the vintage wooden entry doors into a romantic hacienda where arcaded silhouettes, a rich and modern palette, and natural materials co-exist among a stunning courtyard of fountains, paths and gardens enveloping you in a private open air living room.

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With a clear vision for the updated design and complete renovation, this hacienda promises the

best of the Montecito lifestyle.

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A rich garden design with the intention to interact with the senses and ask you to feel. 

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A reimagined vision of the Montecito dream.

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A versatile floor plan offers 2 ground floor bedrooms, a primary suite upstairs, plus a

separate ADU building with a kitchen -- all with windows and doors flooding the rooms with abundant natural light and evoking the spirit and romance of a bygone era.

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“Luxury starts with how I feel. It then expresses itself in an authentic creation.”
                                                                      - Xorin Balbes

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The ultimate Montecito jewel.

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Below is a selection of hand-picked materials used to craft the vision for the residence’s remodel.

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