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The Sale Exclusive

Every month there are certain sales that catch our eye, whether they are off-market sales, unique properties, less expensive than average or otherwise.

Take a look below for the most notable off-market sales and most notable least expensive sales we have seen in the last month or so. For the back story on these and other sales, please contact me. We have our finger on the pulse and can guide you to the upcoming deals!


805 Picacho Lane, Montecito | $18,600,000

A premier Montecito estate in the Golden Quadrangle which has not sold in over 20 years.

252 Santa Rosa Lane, Montecito | $8,650,000

Last sold in 2019 for $4,200,000.

1525 Bolero Drive, Montecito | $6,882,000

This 3 bedroom/ 4 bathroom last sold in 1999.


2166 E Valley Road, Montecito | $2,100,000

Sold for $770,000 more than it did in January of 2020 - a 57.8% increase in value.

525 Alston Road, Montecito | $2,400,000

After sitting on the market in March 2021 for $2.2M, this home came back on the market in 2022 and sold for more than its original asking price.

56 Olive Mill Road, Montecito | $2,875,000

This Montecito Del Mar townhome went for $625k over the asking price of $2.25M in just over a week.


Let us know how we can help you navigate the real estate market in Montecito and Santa Barbara. We have information on market stats, upcoming listings and more - please don't hesitate to reach out.

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