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Two-Story Mixed Use Building • First Floor: Timeless Restaurant/Tavern • Second Floor: Apartments
Established in 1912 • Lot Size 11,325 +/- Sq. Ft.
(Source: Public Records)

Offered at $8,950,000

Inspired by the sun-drenched shores of Carpinteria — The Palms is a restaurant and mixed

use building.


The property offers the opportunity for a boutique hotel, restaurant or rental income

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More than just a restaurant - it’s a destination, a community, an experience.

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On the first floor, the restaurant is firmly focused on a fun atmosphere, which over the years has

featured live music and dancing on the weekends.

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The restaurant has served as a long time gathering spot for the community, with an “old-school” take on farm-to-table dining.


A piece of admired Carpinteria history - the building was established in 1912 and has been open ever since, maintaining a prominent community presence for over 110 years.

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Enjoying the ultimate location on Linden Avenue in downtown Carpinteria, the restaurant plays host to a vibrant atmosphere with live music, a personable staff and a comfortable ambiance. 

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The heart and soul of The Palms is quality time, good conversation, and delicious food - a direct reflection of the energetic and welcoming community of Carpinteria.


Charming authenticity, and comprised of approximately 20,000 residents, this relaxed town exudes cheerful, story-book charm.

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Offering the ultimate gathering place for locals and a sought-after destination for tourists - Carpinteria and The Palms are welcoming, authentic and embody the true California spirit.

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*All information is deemed reliable, but not verified. 

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