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Get the Look: Modern Farmhouse in Montecito

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The modern farmhouse has quickly become one of today’s most popular home design trends. More and more, buyers are coming to us looking for a chic and revitalized farmhouse style home in Montecito and Santa Barbara.

Imagine the possibilities! With its gable roof, lots of windows, big open kitchen and large mountain-view deck, this Montecito home is just waiting to be transformed into a chic modern farmhouse. Here’s how it can be done:

White Board and Batten Siding

White board and batten siding is a a key element found in the modern farmhouse. White is used to create a clean and simplified exterior look, while the board and batten adds genuine character to otherwise plain walls.

Dark Standing Seam Metal Roof

In contrast to the white walls, another classic farmhouse characteristic is a dark, steep-sloping metal roof. The shingle roof on 355 Sierra Vista Road can be replaced with a deep grey or black standing seam metal roof to bring an elegant flare to the farmhouse aesthetic!

Black Window Accents or Frames

When it comes to black window frames, the first word that comes to mind is modern. The benefit of the black window frame is that it adds a bit of extra contrast to the white siding, bringing a sense of depth that pairs well with the simplicity of farmhouse style.

When it comes to 355 Sierra Vista Road, the possibilities are endless! With the right vision and a little bit of flare, this Montecito home can quickly be revitalized into “today’s home” !

For more information on 355 Sierra Vista Road, contact us at (805) 450-6233 or Nancy@Kogevinas.com.

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