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How's the Market?

"Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity."

- Neil Blumenthal

As what is real becomes less clear and separating fact from fiction is harder, authenticity is something we’re thinking and writing about, aspiring to and judging more than ever—which is why we love that  authentic" is Merriam-Webster’s word of 2023. (Although it does seem to get a bit overused!)

In our industry being authentic is front of mind, here are a few ways we are sure to keep it real:

  1. Property Stories: Providing compelling descriptions of properties that tell the lifestyle story of the property.

  2. Price Strategy: Buyer confidence in the sales price is supported by a meaningful and knowledgeable pricing strategy, which is corroborated by true comparable properties.

  3. Relationship: We invest time in YOU to be sure to meet your personal needs when buying or selling a home. 

No matter how you feel about "authentic" being the word of the year, I think we have come a long way from "gaslighting" which was the word of the year for 2022 and "vaccine" in 2021! 🙃

Last week in Montecito there were 5 New Listings, ranging from $1.89M to $17.5M. There were 2 Closed Sales; 674 Oak Grove Drive is a romantic, renovated Spanish bungalow that sold for $5,015,000, which is just over its last listed price of $4,995,000. This property was on the market for a total of 85 days, it had two price reductions and went into escrow shortly after the second drop. 1375 Virginia Road sold for $4,675,000 just 2.5% less than its last list price of $4,795,000 after 53 days on the market. 

Overall, activity seems to be picking up now that are we half way through January. We know of several more listings hitting the market this week - reach out if you want more details!

What Happened in Montecito Last Week?

January 7th - January 13th


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That sums it up for last week!


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