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The New Architect on the Block

Backen & Gillam Architects recently opened a new satellite office in our neck of the woods, right here on Coast Village Road.

Backen & Gillam Architects is an award winning architectural design firm formed in 1996. They are known for spaces such as Sundance Mountain Resort, Esperanza Resort, Promontory Winery, the Restoration Hardware Gallery stores (created within iconic buildings in Boston, Chicago, & New York City) and numerous celebrity and high-profile client residences (as recently featured in the June 2021 issue of Architectural Digest.) The best selling architecture and design book, From the Land, published by Rizzoli, illustrates many of the firm’s projects. BG Architects has offices in Sausalito, St. Helena and Montecito, California.

Keep an eye out for some of their stunning projects popping around town.

Click here to view more about Backen and Gillam Architects.

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